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Friday, September 23rd – Ozarks Amphitheatre

Gates open at 6:00 pm Performances begin at 7:00 pm

Perform your talent to win the Grand Prize. Competition will have 10 performers. The audience will vote using the purchased tickets. Ticket is $20.00, includes ballot for first round and final round.

Performers submit your video of your talent via email and the application and processing fee to

Top 10 performers will be chosen by July 31, 2022, with 3 alternates.

Click the application link above to sign up to perform your talent.

Cash Prizes

1st Place:  $3,000.00
2nd Place: $1500.00
3rd Place:  $500.00

In addition to performers we need VOTERS — audience votes for their favorite performer by purchasing a ticket. Tickets are $20.00 — one vote for each ticket. Ticket will have two ballots – one to vote during first round and one to vote during final round.

Join us to support your favorite performer and the our local benefiting charities: