About Rotary International

& the “Power of 4”

The “Power of 4” is the brainchild of the 4 local clubs Presidents that met in 2015 to mastermind on a way to bring more community awareness to Rotary International and its local impact and contribution to charities and non-profits of the lake area. The Pumkin Chunkin Palooza was chosen as the inaugural launch of an annual project to facilitate that message and the committee is comprised of 3 members from each of the 4 clubs.

Rotary International is a worldwide organization dedicated to “Service above Self’ and supports local Rotary clubs worldwide by coordinating global programs, campaigns and initiatives. The eradication of Polio has been a project spearheaded by efforts of Rotary International.

Local Rotary clubs bring together individuals at the local community level to exchange ideas, build relationships and take actions to better their community. Weekly meetings bring in local speakers of interest and prompt discussion of areas the club can participate in to better the area and raise funds for local charities and groups.